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Waiting for the Xbox 360

So, some of you might be planning to attempt to grab an Xbox 360 when they go on sale at midnight. After all, it's something of a tradition in the games industry, the whole camping out to get a new console thing. 1UP has a short examination on the whole phenomenon, discussing console shortages and why they occur. There are also some firsthand accounts from gamers recounting the lengths to which they've gone in the name of being the first ones to get cool stuff.
"I don't do this anymore...but in the past I've faked being sick just to stay home on the release date of a game I've really wanted. But it wasn't simply a "call in sick" day. No, I'd go the full-on Oscar-worthy production. I could plan well in advance what days I'd be "sick" on just to get in a few extra hours with a much-anticipated game. Starting a couple days before, I'd begin "acting sick", puttin in a cough here or there and saying "Wow, I feel achy." The day before I'd up this a little, making myself look weak and tired and when people ask "Are you OK?" I'd say, "Man, I don't know, I'm just starting to feel kind of icky." Then it'd be no suprise when I call in "sick" the next day...and people believed it!"

Do any of you guys have any particularly crazy or elaborate contingency plans to ensure that you'll have a 360 by daylight tomorrow?

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