Peace out, y'all!

Well kids, it's been a fun ride here at the Shack, but the time has come for me to leave. I think I covered most of what I had to say here in Friday's LNC, but I'd just like to thank the core Shack team (Steve and Maarten), the extended Shack team (Jack, Sander & Mike), and all the Shackers for making this about as much fun as anyone could ever hope for.

I'm not going too far of course, and I'll keep posting in the comments and you can look forward to continued ShackReviews from me every time I finish a game (although the frequency of that is bound to drop). If you absolutely feel the need to keep reading my regular ramblings, I'll keep updating my blog on a regular basis and the game-related content is likely to increase significantly. I should warn you that being a personal site, I make no pretense of objectivity (I can finally say how much I really hate Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony/Atari/EA/Rockstar!) and you'll also have to deal with my admittedly radically left-wing political views.

So again thanks, and don't worry, I'll keep in touch.

jason's Final ShackFacts: Total posts: 755. Total LNCs: 535 (Plus 11 EX stories). Total Sunday Afternoon ShackReviews: 62. Total number of posts using the word "craptacular": 6. Total number using "dumbass": 5. Total using "lame": 87. Total using "stupid": 25. Total using "suck": 38. Total number of obscure Futurama/Simpsons/Pink Floyd references: (Impossible to count). First post date: August 15, 2001. Last post: you're reading it now.

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