Sunday Afternoon ShackReviews

Sure today's my last here at the Shack, but I'll be damned if I'm going to skip an update to the ShackReviews database. This week we've got a handful of new and recent games, including a couple of those wacky sports games and a GameCube remake of a great GBA title. As usual, if there's a game you want to review but don't see in the database, check first and then submit it! (And don't blame me if a game you never submitted isn't added!)

I came this close to giving up on Final Fantasy X-2 this week. I'm in the last chapter, and at that point where I need to level up before proceeding, and I decided I just wasn't that interested. So I played a bit of Broken Sword for GBA (which is great, although I think they may have made it a bit too easy with some of the interface decisions) before deciding that I had to finish FFX-2 out of principal. So I leveled up a bit yesterday, and I'll probably do a bit more today. I'm not going to bother doing everything, as I usually do with Final Fantasy games, but I'll do enough so that I'm comfortable going up against the end bosses. Nothing sucks more than getting all the way to the end and being too weak to beat the final boss. And if that happens here, I'll almost certainly give up for good.

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