Got some of the best news you have ever read here guys. Guess what, Quake3 has GONE GOLD! Check out the announcement from Kenneth Scott, our favorite skin artist up at id Software in his debut .plan update. (Thanks Kenn for mailing me about the update, the trackers werent keeping track of Kenn)Also, yup.. the deal for buying Quake3 for $33.95 through Shack is still available. Have at it.

We're Gold!
I love you sweetpeach. :)

In case you're having problems believing this if for real, I got personal confirmation from Kenn, as well as this post showing up by Disruptor in the comments thread sealing the deal, not to mention his .plan update saying something strikingly similar. :) John Carmack also has what could be considered the final bug fixes to go into the gold version of Quake3.

By: disruptor [Nov 22nd 1999, 12:22 am]
OH YEAH BABY!!!! ph34r!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure and check out the Quake3 messageboard, the threading system stuff there etc makes for a much more organized conversation, wont have that stuff as an option on the front page comments for a while.

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