By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 28, 2003 4:07pm PDT

Somewhat surprisingly, Monolith has released a new demo for No One Lives Forever 2, allowing you to try out three multiplayer levels from the full game. These levels are playable in Co-Op, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Doomsday game modes. Thanks 3D Gamers.

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  • You know, this would be a great demo to download. Monolith REALLY improved the network code a lot over the initial NOLF2 release when they did the last patch. So this would be a good time to kick the tires, or go back to it if you have the game. It runs a lot better on modest machines than UT2003 (just FYI for those with slower machines).

    Plus, they're really supporting the game after it hit the market. They released a free bonus pack with lots of awesome extra levels and new game modes. So like, yay Fox and Monolith.

    Doomsday is rather more fun than regular CTF. There are basically three "flags" (parts of a Doomsday Device) and both teams are trying to collect all three of them in their base. Once you do, the whole other team gets electrocuted just for fun before the next round. The middle piece is really heavy and makes you move slow, too.

    So it's kinda like one-flag CTF, or Bombing Run which is the same thing, only it's three-flag CTF and you go back to your base, not the enemy's base. Okay, so it's not like one-flag CTF.

    And there are banannas.

    And snowmobiles you can use to run people over.

    Note that it's still mostly a single-player game, and one with higher production values than just about anything else out there.