Half-Life 2 Teasers

Ah... well it looks like we're finally about to see Half-Life 2 announced. The most recent issue of Edge magazine overseas is carrying a simple ad with just a crowbar (seen here) and you'll note that the shadow completes the numeral 2. Edge magazine can most closely be compared to the now defunct Next-Generation magazine we had here in the US. Oh, and the May 16 date refers to the news stand date of the magazine.

In addition, the most recent PC Gamer magazine I'm told was carrying a teaser about next month as well. :

We kid you not. Don't buy any other magazine until you see our exclusive blowout coverage of what's certifiably the biggest game currently in development. That's got you thinking, hasn't it? Oh, we'll have a great reviews slate, previews of an amazing new franchise, and more Hard Stuff - but you'll come for the unveiling of...

The E3 show is just around the corner starting May 13th. Chances of Half-Life 2 being revealed on or before that date? Hmmmmmm. How much time between the announcement and the actual shelf date of the game? Could be anyone's guess. Should be quite the E3!

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