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Late Night Consoling


So here's the $49.00 question...being the console RPG fan that I am, which do I buy: .hack part 1 or Xenosaga? I'm absolutely torn here. Initially there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get Xenosaga on day one, but those stories of obscenely long cut-scenes have me worried. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but since there happens to be another top-tier console RPG out at the same time, I'm wondering if I should get that instead. Reviews of .hack have been generally positive, if not overwhelmingly so, but I'm expecting the same thing from Xenosaga, given the patience it requires from players. So what are you guys getting? Either? Neither? Zelda? Dark Cloud 2?

PS2 New FFX-2 Stuff Some new scans from a Japanese magazine are up at The Magic Box, and show off two new characters and three new classes (including Rikku as a Black Mage). Most exciting however is this new trailer that's up at GameForms (mirrored here at FileShack along with the first one) and shows off lots and lots of gameplay and pre-rendered footage along with singing and dancing.
PS2 Xbox New AvP Announced Fox Interactive and Electronic Arts announced today Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction, a new console-only title for PS2 and Xbox. Unlike every previous AvP, this game is not a first person shooter, but is instead a tactical strategy game. The first screenshots from the game are up at
Xbox New MechAssault Content Tomorrow At long last, Microsoft has revealed when the first downloadable content for MechAssault will be released...tomorrow! Xbox Live users can log on tomorrow to score two new multiplayer maps and two new, faster mechs. Now if only they'd update that Xbox Live interface...
Xbox New Splinter Cell Content Next Month Speaking of downloadable extras, Ubi Soft has announced that the first extra Splinter Cell mission for Xbox Live subscribers will be posted next month. Details and a pair of screenshots can be found at GameSpot.
GameBoy Advance GBA SP Stuff Those crazy cats at Lik-Sang have posted lots of pictures of the Game Boy Advance SP, including shots showing how they took the whole thing apart (the battery looks like it's not that difficult to replace). Also at Lik-Sang is some info on compatible GBA peripherals and Planet GameCube has posted their impressions of the hardware.
GameCube PS2 GameBoy Advance SquareEA, EASquare No More This was to be expected, I suppose...SquareSoft announced today that they will not be renewing their partnership with Electronic Arts when it expires at the end of next month. Instead, the new SquareEnix will open an American office to coordinate publishing in this country. SquareEA was created to promote SquareSoft games in America, while EASquare was created to promote EA's games in Japan.
GameCube PS2 Sphinx Revealed THQ has announced Sphinx, an upcoming adventure game for PS2 and GameCube. The first details and screenshots are up at GameSpot tonight. Eurocom is best known around here for their work on the recently released 007: NightFire.
Xbox Tao Feng Backstory Xbox.IGN has posted the first part of "Behind the Fists", a sort of backstory for the upcoming Xbox fighting game Tao Feng.
Xbox Somehow, I don't think this will work According to, the Xbox Linux group has sent a letter to Microsoft, requesting the company give them a digital signature to allow Linux to run on an unmodified Xbox. Apparently they haven't been able to find a workaround for that yet, despite a large reward. I'm impressed that Microsoft succeeded in creating lockouts that secure. I tip my hat to you.
GameCube PS2 GameBoy Advance Misc. Screenshots Some new shots from Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven are up at Games Are Fun, while IGN has posted some new movies showing off the GameCube port of Red Faction II.
Console Game of the Evening: Aliens: Thanatos Encounter for the Game Boy Color. This game had tons of promise, and the early screenshots looked great...but ultimately it was a dud. Enjoy it though, since AvPNews has confirmed that the planned GBA Aliens vs. Predator has been canceled.

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