Well today is that big day for Jason. Our resident late night console expert is out getting hitched up north. Presumably he'll return to us brainwashed completely and he'll start sending out thank you cards for random nice things. Today seems like a good day to try out Spearhead. I have to balance that out with Vice City playtime though I'm sure you guys understand. I kinda wish that they blocked off more parts of the city until you further advanced in the game missions. It's like they blow their wad all at once or something. I think I'm like maybe 15-20% done with the game and I've been most everywhere and am already flying a helicopter. *shrug* A Jason's Deli beefeater sounds about right. I hate peanut butter cookies in general, but the cookies they got there... mmm... gotta get them soft though. this is very important. movie: Envy the country that has heroes. Pity the country that needs them.

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