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So I somehow ended up at the mall today with the woman, and the opportunity arrised to pay $3.00 for some fries. It was a difficult choice, because at $3.00 those must be some really good fries, but I passed. It's not often that I am presented with such difficult decisions. I'll probably spend a lot of time this evening going over and over that choice in my head, wondering if I did the right thing. Hopefully you guys can understand my pain? Oh here:

- The science of fear
- Seattle monorail about to get some updating
- Fiberoptics or gigabit?
- Egad, Jurassic Park 4 coming
- Some reactions to that internet root server attack from a while ago
- Alien fish invasions!
- Microsoft and internal Linux memos

Lastly, computers are in fact the devil and kill your motivation.

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    November 7, 2002 5:30 PM

    Whoa. Transformer exploded.