New RTCW Patch


A new patch for Return to Castle Wolfenstein has been released, updating the game to 1.4. If you are running RTCW 1.33 you can grab a 5mb update or if you're running an older version (or don't have the game patched at all), you can get the 11.5mb full upgrade. Version 1.4 fixes a few bugs, adds a new features and also improves weapon prediction. A full Linux update to 1.4 can be found here, and if you have the Game of the Year version of the game you can grab a smaller update instead.

Fixes added in 1.4 - Soldier/lieutenant would lose all weapon functionality when dropping weapon while throwing a grenade. Can't drop weapon while holding grenade now. - Engineer would lose weapons by leaning while dropping dynamite. - Using /kill while at MG42 forced player to stay in MG42 animation mode after respawn. - Fixed buffer overflow crash caused by a long say command. - Addressed some minor flamethrower exploits. - Addressed some minor air strike exploits. - Prevented centerview exploit on sniper rifle.
- Limbo chat now wraps. - Lieutenant ammo pack gives 8 colt/luger rounds. - No longer get impure client if connecting to server during map change.

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