Quake 3 1.32 Point Release


id Software programmer Robert Duffy updated his .plan file with the news that the Quake 3 1.32 point release is now out. There are several improvements and fixes, the most important new feature is the integration of Punk Buster, to combat cheating. We have the Linux and the Windows patch mirrored on FileShack. A beta Mac version will be released soon.

From The Chatty
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    October 7, 2002 4:21 PM

    it's out yay!

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      October 7, 2002 4:22 PM

      w00t w00t w00t w00t w00t.. woot!

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      October 7, 2002 5:01 PM

      The most exciting thing about Q3 was the initial test releases (map17 was best map) and maybe q3 RA - it's old and boring now and all the mods suck -although if the gundam wing one comes out maybe that'll be cool
      ...ah feck it

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