Carmack on DOOM @ E3

Here is something to scare a few people today who managed to see the DOOM3 E3 demo this year. An email from John Carmack which clarifies that the demo was in fact running for certain running on 'next-gen' hardware from ATI and not the Radeon 8500 also mentions this:

We actually screwed up at E3 -- we should have been running it at high quality settings (uncompressed textures, anisotropic filtering), but we were chasing some problems the first day, and it got set back to medium quality. The problems had gone away, so we left it that way, rather than risk changing it back.

Yup, DOOM was only running at medium quality, it gets even purtier. Thanks AbRASiON. In addition, Wired has an audio interview with Carmack and Trent Reznor. Thanks Fred Garvin.

note: Looks like I misunderstood things slightly yesterday. The next-gen ATI stuff was being compared to a juiced up GF4 card (Probably what would be called a GeForce4-Ultra) by Carmack. Calling that NVidia's next-gen stuff was a bit of a misnomer. Oops? Thanks boobie

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