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Let's talk about a genre that doesn't get much attention here on the Shack. Adventure games. What the hell happened there? Back in the 90's companies like Sierra and LucasArts produced dozens of adventure games each year. Space Quest, Kings Quest, Gabriel Knight, Loom, Monkey Island, you name them. I am a huge fan of these games and played allmost all of them. But sometime between then and now the public lost interest in these games and the industry stopped making them. (With a few rare exceptions - like TLJ)

So, when urbansling points me to a game that is compared to Grim Fandango by its reviewers, it immediately got my full attention.

The name of the game is "Syberia", is developed by a french software house called Microids. It's impossible to quote the reviews and tell you what the game is about, and not make this article 2 screens long. So if you're at all interested in adventure games, then do yourself a favor, and check out one of the reviews or the official site.

Review @ Gamespot - Review @ Gamespy - Review @ Avault

Everything about this game looks pretty good. It has awesome artwork, great music, a pretty original story as far as I can tell, and the best news of all: Release date - May or June 2002.

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