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Just for E3 starters today - a three-page DOOM 3 preview. Apart from all the talk about new technology this quote caught my eye:
For the game, id has enlisted the services of science fiction writer Matthew Costello to pen the game story and dialogue. Costello is no rookie to this sort of thing - you may recognize him as the writer of the 7th Guest and the 11th Hour games.
An id software game with a real story? No way.

On to the rest of the Doom goodies. CNN was the first to post some shots, but these were kind of low-resolution. Shortly after that Gamespy updated with the same shots, in their high resolution glory.

There are two movies. The first one is a 11-minute movie that is shown inside the booth, with the good stuff. The other movie is a 7-minute DooM-legacy movie.

DooM legacy movie (97Mb) - FileShack Dallas - FileShack Seattle - FragLand - FilePlanet

So far gamespot seems to have the most coverage, but a lot of that you can only read if you are a member of their "complete" service. However, their "impressions" are free. has an interview with Carmack himself, but it's dated the 21st, so this might not be news. After not supporting surround sound in Q3A, here's what the man has to say about surround sound in Doom: "We offer full dynamic 5.1 channel sound mixing, and multichannel playback of studio sounds.".

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