German Shooting Controversy

Here we go again..the German school shooting of last week is being connected with video games. Games are evil and should be banned is pretty much what they are saying again. The game of choice for shooter Robert Steinhauser? Counter-Strike. Thanks Lamar.

In a sign that the bloodbath may feature in the campaign for national elections this year, Edmund Stoiber, conservative challenger to Schroeder, said violent games should be banned.

According to Der Spiegel news magazine, Steinhauser spent much of his time playing violent computer video games. His favourite was called "Counterstrike" in which anti-terror units wearing masks battle each other to death.

So that's two paragraphs on games, while a bad relationship with his parents gets a quote..

A former classmate, Isabell Hartung, told Reuters that Steinhauser was intelligent and well-liked by his peers. But she said he often fought with teachers and had "bad relations with his parents."

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    April 28, 2002 9:07 AM

    From the very moment I heard he put some style in it I knew somebody would say something about this...

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