AVP2 Expansion Announced

The folks at AVPNews send along word of a new expanion announced for Aliens vs Predator 2. You can have a look see at the PR here, or the quick list of what the features are below. It's gonna retail for $19.99

- Nine new single player levels (3 per species)
- Intense multi-player combat – includes 4 new levels
- Includes all patches/updates and additional maps issued by Monolith since the release of AvP2.
- New species-specific weapons and combat styles
--- Human - Dual Pistols, Turret Gun, Deployable Sentry Gun
--- Predator - Energy Flechette, Self-Destruct (only in multiplayer)
- Two new creatures indigenous to the planet.
- New environment – never-before-seen Predator ruins
- Ties in with original story of Aliens versus Predator 2 and provides closure to some open-ended questions

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