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April Fools Roundup

In honor of our fallen comrade, Bluesnews should be back online later this evening. For now at the suggestion of Jason here's the April fools day roundup as we painfully watch some folks display why they are copy/paste jockeys like myself and not comedians. Oh, and a few rare funny ones!

- Google's search technology
- HardOCP has gone soft
- DarkHorizons has word on DareDevil (scroll down)
- Slashdot has Slashdvertisements
- Tomshardware has NVidia buying AMD
- 3DGPU gets the award for lame ATI joke!
- OCWorkbench has siamese twin Athlons
- Reactorcritical has word of DOOM test in 2 weeks! (Ok, that's my lame joke that only 5 people will get)
- TheGIA is shutting down
- GameFAQs has gone Xbox, the only console that matters
- has caught boyband fever
- CSNation has caught wrestling fever
- SomethingAwful has a new business model
- eBay is funny! haha!
- Panda race in Warcraft 3.
- These stories at GameSpot including one about EQ rates being raised, and another about DNF.
- ThinkGeek has a bunch of phony items up, including a DNF pre-order page and WheatoniX OS.
- Actor Will "Wesley Crusher" Wheaton posted that he's joined the cast of Enterprise.
- Monkey Island 5!!!!!
- id and IMG are giving away a real rocket launcher.
- F**ked Company gets funding from idealab.
- The's new domain.
- It's official: the moon is made of green cheese.
- How to be Azn at Tweak3D.
- Halo Babies! (This one's really very funny).
- Check out 2600's new web site.

- Submit any in the comments and I'll add it to this list

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