On Unreal Name Changes

The Infogrames Unreal 2 forums have a post from Tim Sweeney, who talks about the Unreal game name changes as Gamespot reported on Friday (story). It seems that the name Unreal Episode 2 is not official quite yet, so right now the game is still called Unreal 2. Unreal Tournament 2003 is the new name for Unreal Tournament 2. However, the idea of releasing a new UT every year is just that, an idea. Here's more about that possibility

The next-generation Unreal engine's network code and file formats are stable enough that we could potentially ship UT(year x) and include the maps from UT(year x-1) and maintain backwards compatibility with existing servers. This obviously couldn't go on forever, but could assure a lifetime similar to UT. Remember, in over 2 years of UT, we only broke network compatibility once.
Anyway, ongoing Unreal Tournament releases aren't an actual plan, just an idea we've been tossing around.

Thanks Blues News.
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