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So I got a UPS notice which I assume is the Shack shirts for donators which I'll pick up tomorrow from my apt complex front office. It's gonna take a while to package up and address a few hundred packages but will try to get 50-100 or so addressed and shipped each day until they are done. I eagerly anticipate hassles at the post office! Here's the Friday batch of stuff:

- Progress on Electric Cars
- Lord of the Rings is coming!
- Alert, incoming racism article. Ugh. Thanks Egads
- Possible Mars water... yet again...
- MSNBC article on "The new surveillance society"

Lastly, for those of you worried about ShackDSL not lasting, it was certainly a major major concern for me as the Speakeasy guys can tell you, one that kept me from almost not going forward with the deal. But all signs were pointing to success and hey look, here's an article on SeattleIP saying Covad is coming out ahead. Yay!

btw, just ordered my IDSL line... Wish I qualified for SDSL but anything is better for gaming than this pjack prone cable I've been having lately. Gonna hax0r up some stuff to send TCP traffic through cable and UDP traffic through the DSL line. That way I can get those nice 300k/s cable downloads but play games through a stable DSL line.

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