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Well here's the throw you for a loop I was talking about yesterday. SHACKDSL in partnership with SPEAKEASY.NET. Yup, we're getting in to the broadband market. In light of the recent @Home turbulence I've decided to let this one out of the bag much earlier than was planned. SHACKDSL is available right now nationwide across the USA and we are offering gamer level SDSL lines (much better pings than those silly ADSL lines) with zero install fees. There are several different packages to choose from depending on what you need etc. Here's what you get:

- No installation fees on SDSL / IDSL lines
- YOURNAME.SHACKDSL.NET domain name on your static IPs
- SHACKDSL.NET email addresses
- Great pings to the soon to launch Shack game servers.
- Servers: Counter-Strike, Q3UT, Q3CTF, RTCW, with West, Central, and East coast servers.
- It's faster than a modem.
- Do whatever you want with your line. Run a game server or FTP!
- Help to support Maarten's habit and and our effort to do cool stuff like ShackReview
- If you want cheaper RADSL lines, they are as low as $49/month. (same price as AOL and a second phone line, but chicks dig this more)
- Almost everyone qualifies for at least IDSL.
- Free dial-up service while you wait for your DSL install.
- The price sheet

So? Here's a bunch of the pricing packages available. Remember, this is SDSL, not that wimpy ADSL stuff. We're talking 1-5ms first hop ping times instead of the 10-50ms of added latency you'll sometimes see on a lot of those ADSL lines from SWBell and Verizon. Let me see!

Note: This is not bargain basement DSL, there are cheaper lines in some areas, this is for gamers who want the best possible performance and bandwidth.
Apologies for some things not being very pretty. I wasnt planning on launching ShackDSL so soon, but figured I should get it out there asap.
Note3: If you can get a better deal, good for you. That isnt the topic here.  This is a service for the people who cant, or people who just want to help support Shack.

Lastly, drop me an email when you sign up and tell me what you got, enjoy! :)

Steve Gibson is the cofounder of Originally known as sCary's Quakeholio back in 1996, Steve is now President of Gearbox Publishing after selling Shacknews to GameFly in 2009.

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