@Home Can End Service

A judge has cleared the way for Excite@Home to shut down its Internet service, according to MSNBC (thanks SatansFist). In fact @Home could end its service as soon as late tonight which might affect some 4 million people. Of course, cable companies which use @Home's network and have not found a replacement network yet, are appealing the decision.

Bankruptcy Judge Thomas Carlson said Redwood City-based ExciteAtHome could reject its existing contracts with the cable companies as early as 3 a.m. EST Saturday, when their contracts expire. Carlson gave ExciteAtHome the leeway to end the contracts after concluding they had become “clearly burdensome” to the company. Under the contracts, ExciteAtHome executives said the company was losing up to $6 million per week.

This news story on CNet paints a somewhat different picture about the situation, and makes it appear less likely that service will actually be shut off.
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