XBox Launch Day

So it's XBox launch day! Supposedly you'll be able to go to your favorite toy or electronics store today and pick yourself up one of these newfangled console machines brought to us by our friends at Microsoft. There was a big launch event thingy at 12:01 this morning over in NYC although I dont see any updates on the XBox website about it. Here are some pics at TeamXBox. Places to see lots of coverage and game previews/reviews:

Click to enlarge- TeamXbox
- FiringSquad
- GameSpy
- ZDNet
- GameSpot
- Misc coverage: CBS Marketwatch , Yahoo (more and more)

I actually took a trip down to the local store the other day and played some more Halo. Making a couple other little kids cry by hogging the machine wasnt so bad... Anyways I dug it. It kept my interest and I only wanted to throw the controller about 3 times. Not bad for a FPS on a console. At least in the beginning of the game it seems pretty heavily story driven which was cool. No idea if that lasts through the entire game or not.

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