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Wolfenstein GONE GOLD!

Carried over from last night ... Activision's Caryn Law sent over word that Gray Matter's Return to Castle Wolfenstein has GONE GOLD. The game will hit stores November 21st (20th for a few selected retailers). If you haven't yet, you can try the multiplayer demo, and a single player demo is on the way though there's no date for that as of yet. To celebrate the gold status of the game, Gray Matter's Corky Lehmkuhl created this image (241kb).

id CEO Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan file thanking all the teams involved, and has some release info the Mac and Linux versions, and for us Europeans, with a little something for the Germans among us specifically

It looks like people will actually be able to pick up copies early next week in many places and after Thanksgiving most everywhere in the U.S. The international versions will follow very shortly behind due to increased manufacturing time and shipping logistics, but I'm guessing there will be world-wide availabilty by the first of December.

No date yet on the Mac version, but it's coming soon (not gold yet, though). We don't have plans to sell Linux in retail, but Timothee has done great work on the downloadable binaries so far, and I expect that to continue.

**Special note to our German fans: buy as soon as they come out and avoid the "rush" ;-) I know you guys know what I mean...

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