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ATI Cheating Benchmarks

Ok well this is where it gets interesting. Saw this on some foreign pages the other day that I couldnt understand but RageUnderground (Thanks HardOCP) has the scoop on what ATI was up to with their Quake3 specific drivers. Seems ok to me to make your cards work faster on apps that you know are popular, until you see this:

- yes, we did do optimizations specificly for Quake 3.
- yes, we did it because it is being used as a benchmark in reviews of our cards.
- yes, we sacrificed imagequality to gain better framerates.

That is just plain underhanded. It's one thing to make sure your drivers work well with particular apps, but its a whole different thing to actually make the game uglier in the name of benchmark numbers. Especially when the only way for people to disable this option is hacking drivers or renaming their EXE files. Score one for ATI!

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