Gearbox: Condition Zero

Looks like Counter-Strike: Condition Zero the single player incarnation of the Counter-Strike universe has been handed over to Gearbox Software. Valve Software a while back had licensed the game out to Rogue Software, however due to the departure of a key member at Rogue Valve pulled the plug on the project. Soon aftewards an article came out in CGW with details on the project. A bit later word came out that all prior work was being scrapped.

Valve is proud to announce primary development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero has moved to the Dallas, Texas offices of Gearbox Software, creators of the award-winning Half-Life expansion products and the soon-to-be-released Half-Life PlayStation 2. In addition to the team at Gearbox, several CS1 developers have been recruited to lend their talents to the creation of CS: CZ. 

Gearbox Software has been responsible for a couple of Half-Life expansions as well as the PS2 port of Half-Life.

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