QUAKE4 Announced

Havent been able to dig it up on the bizwire and strangely didnt get anything from Activision, but AMDZone has gotten a hold of the official PR for Quake4 announced by Activision to be developed by Raven Software using the new DOOM technology. Along with the PR is this single concept image.

Mesquite, TX - Aug. 10, 2001 - id Software, a leading independent developer of entertainment software, announced the development of two new games during a press conference Friday at QuakeCon. The company also offered attendees the first U.S. demo of the next DOOM game during a presentation by industry luminary and id Software co-founder, John Carmack. New titles announced at the press event include Quake IV, currently in development by long-time id Software contributor Raven Software, and an as-of-yet unnamed project in development by Nerve Software. Both games are executive produced by id Software and published by Activision, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI). "It's going to be a ton of fun to be working with the guys we know so well at Raven on Quake IV and the new team at Nerve is a real up-and-commer in the industry," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "With Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the new DOOM, our collaboration with Nerve, and Quake IV on the horizon, gamers have loads to look forward to."

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