Half-Life v1.1.0.7

As promised the new Half-Life patch has been released. The distribution system changed on us and Maarten and I didnt notice until too late so we dont have Shack mirrors for you on this one. Yeah we suck but hey it'll save us some bandwidth :) At any rate this is the deal:

Client updates for the Half-Life update and the Counter-Strike Retail update. This update includes:
- Deathmatch Classic
- New Automatic update system
- Fixed GL texture binding problem (white skin bug)
- Optimized model drawing

Half-Life auto-update utlity: Blues , 3DG , PlanetMirror (recommended)
Half-Life v1106-1107 patch: XGR , Icrontic Games , Multiplayer.it , Blues , Fileaholic , FilePlanet , 3DG , Gameaholic , PlanetMirror
Half-Life v1107 full update: Multiplayer.it , Killing Grounds , Blues , FilePlanet , Icrontic Games , Fileaholic , 3DG , Gameaholic , PlanetMirror
Counter-Strike retail update utility: Blues , 3DG , PlanetMirror (recommended)
Counter-Strike retail v1001-1002 patch: Blues , 3DG , Gameaholic , PlanetMirror
Counter-Strike retail v1002 full update: Blues , 3DG , Gameaholic , PlanetMirror

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