Asus backs away from drivers

Looks like Asus is doing the right thing(tm) and are pulling back their drivers:
Although ASUS did not officially release the “see-through” feature in the current 11.01, 12.00 and 12.10 drivers, this feature-enhancing codes were enabled by non-ASUS programmers and posted on various unauthorized websites.

ASUS recognizes that these features may offer unfair competitive advantages for some users and will take actions to curtail the use of these drivers. All codes related to these features will be removed in all future versions (Version 12.40 and up) to prevent any further tampering that may enable “see-through”. ASUS will also provide a way for web hosts to detect and disable “see-through” functionality.

They also provide code to detect the malicious drivers, so games can detect and ban players that use them. Read more @ CFGN
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