Excalibur Announced

Another 3rd person game has been announced as being in development. Excalibur from Auran. As you might've guessed from the title, this action title is inspired "by the Arthurian legend of Sir Thomas Mallory, Le Mort DÂ’Arthur, based primarily on the French Arthurian Prose Cycle of the thirteenth century". The game will feature a mix of range, melee and magical combat and will be released in 2002. Besides info about the game the website also features concept art, screenshots and a sword combat movie.

Fight your way through the extensive single player game and fast and furious multiplayer scenarios.
- Master the three disciplines of melee combat, range combat, and magic
- Wield swords, maces, axes and other medieval weaponry with dazzling technique
- Fire awesome range weapons, including the legendary long bow and the deadly crossbow
- Cast cool magic spells to help your friends or hinder your enemies
- Fight hand-to-hand over the Internet
- Shoot huge catapults
- Ram castle gates
- Pour boiling oil over your foes
- Morph into strange beasts
- Fight savage hand-to-hand battles for Internet supremacy!

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