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How to claim a MultiVersus Open Beta key

If you've earned your MultiVersus Twitch Drop and need to claim your key, here's how the process works.


If you’re looking to get into the MultiVersus Open Beta, moving from a Twitch Drop to claiming your key can be confusing. In this guide, I’ll explain the process from start to finish.

Claim your MultiVersus Open Beta key

MultiVersus Twitch Drop Claim Key

Source: MultiVersus

If you’re looking to get a MultiVersus Open Beta key, here’s the process from start to finish:

Note: If you receive an error that something went wrong while looking for your claim, verify your email address with WB Games and try again.

The entire process can be a bit confusing, but the steps above will help you navigate through and get your MultiVersus Open Beta key. You will need a Twitch account, a WB Games account, and you’ll need to connect the two. Once you’ve done that, it’s really a matter of spending an hour watching a MultiVersus stream on Twitch. Once you’ve qualified for beta access, you can head to the MultiVersus site and claim your key based on your platform preference. From there, it’s a matter of redeeming that key on your platform of choice and installing the game.

Installing MultiVersus only required 5GB via Steam, so you should expect a comparable file size on other platforms. This is actually quite small for any game these days, so the install process shouldn’t take you too long. Still, that all depends on your internet package and the platform you’re redeeming on. Steam tends to have fast downloads, PlayStation not so much. Plan accordingly based on the platform you intend to install on.

Now that you know how to get a MultiVersus beta key, and how to claim the Twitch Drop, install that sucker and get playing. You can also keep up with guides, news, and more with the MultiVersus topic on Shacknews.


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