Duke Nukem Movie

Dimension Films has announced (Thanks Eric who I assume saw it @ GameWeek) that they have scored the rights to Duke Nukem to make a movie from 3DRealms. They have also announced that the movie will be produced by Larry Kasanoff who is also responsible for making the Mortal Kombat movie which surpsingly didnt suck all that much. Keep in mind this is only an announcement of rights to the movie and not actual beginning of production. For every 50 games that have movie studios sitting on rights to making a movie, only 1 actually gets made.

In his feature film debut, Duke assumes the role of Earth's best defense against all form of alien threat; he takes on the dangerous mission of traveling into deep space to intercept an alien ship on a collision course for Earth. This suspense filled, testosterone flooded action adventure film will be PG-13, in the vein of ``The Mummy'' and ``Men in Black.''

They also included this in the PR "Generating nearly $1 billion, Duke Nukem is among the most profitable video game properties" Uh... that is like, a lot of money.

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