Does Far Cry 6 have third-person vehicle driving?

Far Cry 6 defaults to first-person view while driving, but can you change it to third person?


When you first get into a vehicle in Far Cry 6, you might find the first-person view jarring. Lots of players prefer to drive, fly, or ride in a third-person view. The question is, does Far Cry 6 even support third-person views in vehicles?

Third-person view in vehicles

far cry 6 third-person view perspective

The bad news is that Far Cry 6 does not allow you to swap to a third-person view in vehicles of any sort, or even while riding a horse. If you’re driving, flying, or riding, you must do so in first-person. This is obviously going to be a problem for some folks, but it’s something that I started to enjoy. While it’s true that landing a helicopter in tight spaces can be tricky without being able to pop into third person, I got used to it.

Now, something tells me that the third-person option will be added in the future. I have no evidence to support this, but Ubisoft is a publisher that does its best to please its fans with post-launch support and features. If enough people dislike driving in first-person, don’t be shocked if this gets an update down the road. It’s also possible that they intended to have third-person driving in the game all along, but simply ran out of time to implement it prior to launch. As much as first-person driving has grown on me, the decision feels off-brand for Ubisoft.

Assuming you can get over the fast there is no option for third-person driving in Far Cry 6, take a few minutes to read through our Far Cry 6 tips. They’re designed to help you get a good start in the first few hours, and we recommend you read them before you play to maximize their effect.

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