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Is Roblox coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Let's check if Roblox will be coming to Switch in the future.


Roblox has been around for many years and has become one of the most popular video games on the market. Allowing players to create unique worlds and experiences, Roblox is one of the deepest sandboxes you’ll find. Roblox has made its way to nearly every gaming platform, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. That is except for one platform, the Switch. With how successful the game has become, fans are wondering if Roblox will come to the Nintendo Switch.

Is Roblox coming to the Nintendo Switch?

As of now, there are no confirmed plans to bring Roblox to Nintendo Switch. Neither Nintendo nor the Roblox Corporation has stated that Roblox will be receiving a Switch launch. That said, all hope is not lost. Earlier this year, during the Q1 2021 earnings call, Roblox Corporation’s co-founder Dave Baszucki name-dropped the Switch when talking about potential platforms for the game to come to. “Switch, PlayStation, Quest - all of these platforms make perfect sense for Roblox,” he said, as reported by GamesRadar.

Roblox is an expansive sandbox game that is family-friendly but allows users to create just about whatever their minds can come up with. With the Switch having a solid catalog of these sorts of games, Roblox would fit right in on the eShop. With how successful Roblox has been in recent years, it would likely be a beneficial move for both Roblox Corporation and Nintendo.

Roblox is not coming to the Switch - at least not as of right now. There’s a chance that Nintendo and Roblox Corporation to work out a deal to bring the sandbox game to the hybrid console, but until then, Roblox will remain available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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