Xbox Game Pass gets another one with Atomic Heart shown at Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase

Russian action role-playing FPS, Atomic Heart, gets added to the Xbox Game Pass library with an announcement trailer at E3 2021.


Atomic Heart looks like it's poised to turn the role-playing FPS genre on its head with a bombastic trailer shown at the Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase. Xbox Game Pass is also turning the game subscription model into an extremely enticing proposition with the acquisition of this wild looking game. Atomic Heart has still yet to receive a release date.

Mundfish is making something wild with Atomic Heart, I mean, it has a mustachioed robo-mannequin that you kill in brutal fashion. Atomic Heart was shown off in full glory at E3 2021 during the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase. Take a look at the trailer below. Warning, you might want to hold on to something.

Once you find your way back to your seat in case that trailer knocked you right out of it, take a minute to process everything on display. Atomic Heart has creepy uni-wheeled big-headed bots, cybernetic implants, even more disturbingly unnerving robots, and combat with not only your weapons and the environment, but anything really. You can use objects, enemies, or even parts of yourself as a weapon ensuring no two fights are ever the same.

With the wild trailer shown at the Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021, one more announcement to unfold was Atomic Heart's inclusion in Xbox Game Pass, the game subscription service that keeps on giving. Microsoft is lining up as many titles as it can for Xbox Game Pass and Atomic Heart should prove to be an interesting inclusion. We have more news from E3 2021, don't miss any of the coverage here on Shacknews.

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