Spellbreak developers discuss Chapter 2, new Dominion game mode & more

Greg Burke catches up with the developers at Proletariat, Inc. to discuss Spellbreak Chapter 2, the new Dominion game mode, and more.


Spellbreak will kick off its second chapter on April 8. Not only does the new chapter bring some big changes, but it also includes a new game mode, which is more akin to Domination and other capture point modes. To celebrate the upcoming update, and to dig into a bit more, Shacknews’ Greg Burke recently caught up with some of the great folks behind Spellbreak to talk about Chapter 2, its new Dominion game mode, and more.

During the interview, Greg spoke with Jesse Kurlancheek, the Design Director on Spellbreak, and co-founder of Proletariat. Stef Wu, a product manager at Proletariat, and Nuck Mudry, the Associate Producer on Spellbreak were also on the call. All three worked together to break down the changes coming with Chapter 2, including some additional insight into how those changes came about.

Throughout the talk, Greg also got a good look at some rounds of the upcoming Dominion game mode, which will ditch the battle royale aspect that Spellbreak has thrived on for a more Domination oriented play mode. Instead of fighting other players directly, players will join one of two teams of five players and then work to capture three different points around the map. Instead of dying permanently when killed, players will be able to respawn after 15 seconds.

The Talents and other specialties that made Spellbreak interesting appear to still be on full display throughout the Dominion game mode, and changes to those Talents and systems is another big focus of Chapter 2. According to the developers that Greg spoke with, eight of the talents have been retired, but could possibly return in the future. The remaining talents have all been revamped and touched up in some way.

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