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Well a while ago you guys may remember Maarten mentioning a surprise around here. Well here it is. I've decided to make a change. At the end of the month We'll be switching from Shugashack to (We'll keep the old domain always though) The #1 reason for this being that the domain name although 'fresh and in your face' has been severely holding back most 'word of mouth' exposure this website can get. The domain is just too difficult to remember how to spell for anyone who doesnt know the website. This change is only a name, and absolutely nothing else is planned along side this except for an easier to remember and spell domain. Thats it. Now, here's another thing. Along with the domain name we of course need a new logo. Dhabih of Valve Software who created the current logo was kind enough to start out a new one. However due to his work at Valve he hasnt been able to finish it. This means we need a logo. Stupid contest time!

- Create a Shack logo that can scale down to 220x90 pixels. Preferably a higher res version too.
- Contest ends February 19th at noon.
- Here is a copy of the current rough draft from Dhab, (jpg link here) you may use it as a base for your work.
- Email entries in .jpg .gif or .psd formats to this address
- Winner will be credited in the alt-tag with an email address if they wish. They will also receive a free shack t-shirt if/when those are made.

Remember, this is strictly voluntary. We'll of course open voting on February 20th. Also since so many people ask, is currently in development. You can check out how quickly compressed comments load here if you're bored.

My preferences on logos are simple and easy to recognize with few colors. Integrating the 'shack icon' as in the example logo by Dhab. These logos by |2| are excellent examples.

Steve Gibson is the cofounder of Originally known as sCary's Quakeholio back in 1996, Steve is now President of Gearbox Publishing after selling Shacknews to GameFly in 2009.

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