Razer Zephyr release date and price

Here's everything we know about the Razer Zephyr release date and price.


We've gotten some really interesting products since the start of the pandemic. Perhaps one of the more intriguing, though, is Razer’s smart mask concept, Zephyr. Those interested in Razer’s RGB-powered mask with rechargeable ventilators have no doubt been wondering how they can get their hands on the Zephyr, so let's dive right into that.

Last updated on January 25, 2022 at 2:44 p.m. PST.

Razer Zephyr release date and price

Zephyr is now a reality and launched back in 2021.. It's only just entering production, which means that everything about the device we’ve seen so far could change. The mask costs $99.99 USD and is available now on the Razer website.

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The mask is kitted with RGB, which will surely appeal to fans of the colorful lighting design. There is also a microphone that helps others hear what you’re saying despite being muffled by the mask material itself.

The Zephyr is available now, which means it will likely be available within the last three months of the year. However, with limited quantities and sale by drops, getting your hands on one might be difficult. Be sure to check out the Razer Zephyr page on Shacknews for more information about this exciting new update to personal protective equipment.

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