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Microsoft debuts 'Find Your Joy' commercial featuring a cute dog named Rufus

The latest commercial from Microsoft beckons people to find their joy by taking us all on a dream-like journey with a cute dog.


The holidays are finally here, which means time to sit back, relax, and reflect on the things that bring us joy. To help remind us of that, Microsoft has released a new ad, which takes us on an interesting journey through the dreams of a cute dog named Rufus.

The video focuses cleverly on Rufus as he makes his rounds through the house, watching his owners as they play Halo on the Xbox. Next up Rufus finds himself looking for attention from another of his humans, who also happens to be busy, though this time in a Microsoft Teams meeting. This beckons the pup to move on to the next person in his family, who is busy playing the internet sensation Minecraft.

The trend continues, with Rufus moving from person to person, each one playing or doing something different. While it might seem sad to see such a cute dog—or any dog for that matter—being ignored for video games or what not, Rufus finds his own joy in the moments as we’re transported into his dreamworld, where he spends his time flying around in Microsoft Flight Simulator, running around in Minecraft, and even returning a grenade to the Master Chief in Halo.

It’s a cute commercial and a reminder that even in times like this, we should be looking into the things that bring us joy. While 2020 has been a hard year to make it through, and it’s still not yet over, there are still things worth celebrating in the world, and all you need to do is look for the thing that brings you joy, just like Rufus.

You can check out the full commercial for yourself above, and Microsoft has even created an audio descriptive version for those who wish to check that one out instead. As we continue deeper into the holiday season, we urge everyone to find their joy and stick with it, or even check out some new things that might bring you happiness as we make our way through the final stretch of this year.

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