Watch the Nintendo Partner Showcase Direct mini for August 2020

Catch the latest Nintendo Direct mini for August 2020 right here.


Nintendo has made quite a habit of launching Nintendo Directs without any kind of real warning and today is just another notch in the belt for the iconic gaming publisher. The latest Nintendo Direct mini focuses heavily on Nintendo’s partners, and you can watch the Nintendo Partner Showcase Direct mini for August 2020 right here.

Watch the Nintendo Partner Showcase Direct Mini for August 2020 here

The latest Nintendo Direct Mini has a huge focus on games coming from the company’s development and publishing partners. The lineup includes titles based in the Kingdom Hearts universe, as well as the new rhythm game, Fuser. You can, of course, catch up on the full outline by watching through the almost 12-minute Direct Mini on the official Nintendo YouTube. We’ve also embedded the video below for easy access.

It’s really great to see Nintendo continuing to offer so much support for third-party games on the Nintendo Switch, especially when you think about how much previous Nintendo consoles missed out on. It looks like Nintendo is continuing to see the true value in the Switch and supporting that as much as possible – something that all Nintendo fans are no doubt happy to see.

There’s no telling when the company will surprise us with yet another Direct, but considering we still haven’t heard much about the company’s newest first party reveals in a while, it stands to reason that there are still a few surprises up its sleeves. All we can do is wait and see what comes in these final months of 2020 and hope that the next Direct brings us more information on games like the new Metroid Prime, Breath of the Wild 2, and other first-party titles.

Now that you’ve got everything you need to watch the latest Direct Mini, make sure you keep your eyes glued to our Nintendo Switch topic for all the latest coverage of Nintendo’s home and mobile console hybrid.

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