Icon of Sin boss fight - Doom Eternal

Everything you need to know to slay the Icon of Sin in Doom Eternal.


With the Khan Maykr dead, it’s time to move on to the final encounter in Doom Eternal’s campaign. The Icon of Sin has returned and this time it isn’t playing around. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Icon of Sin boss fight, including how to beat it.

Obviously, spoilers abound so read at your own discretion.

Icon of Sin boss fight - Doom Eternal

Those who make it past the Khan Maykr will find themselves chasing down the Icon of Sin. The iconic (see what I did there) boss from Doom 2 makes a return in Doom Eternal and it is bigger than ever. If you want to defeat the titan, you’re going to need to complete two phases, which we’ve outlined below.

Both phases of the Icon of Sin boss fight focus heavily on destroying specific parts of the Icon of Sin’s body. The first phase will pit you against the Icon of Sin as it shoots flames from its hands, punches the arena, and slams its fists into the ground. Furthermore, the arena is chock full of enemies to deal with, so making use of your Crucible and your BFG will be vital to your success here.

Icon of Sin boss fight - doom eternal
Focus on destroying the armor that protects the Icon of Sin's body.

During the first phase, you’ll want to focus your attention to the various pieces of armor on the Icon of Sin. There are eight pieces total, so make use of your most powerful weapons – like the Chain Gun, or Heavy Cannon – to break these pieces. Once all eight have been broken, the Icon of Sin will move to a second arena.

In the second phase of the fight the enemy spawns become much more aggressive, with more powerful minions spawning. Again, use your BFG and Crucible to clear out the hordes and then focus on destroying the Icon of Sin’s 8 body parts. Once you’ve managed to destroy them all, the Icon of Sin fight will come to an end, officially bringing you to the finale of Doom Eternal’s campaign.

Icon of Sin phase 2 - doom eternal
During phase 2, you're going to need to destroy the Icon of Sin's body parts.

Honestly, the biggest tips we can give you for this fight at to make the most of your BFG and Crucible. Keep moving and performing Glory Kills. Try to focus on the hardest to hit body pieces first, as the Icon of Sin becomes more aggressive with its movements as you deal damage to it. During the second phase, the Icon of Sin will also move around the arena, so try to keep an eye on it when it starts moving to prepare for more attacks.

Now that you know how to complete the Icon of Sin boss fight, head back over to our handy Doom Eternal strategy guide for even more useful information.

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