Pokemon Home dated for release in February 2020

You'll be able to explore Pokemon Home as early as February, according to the newest Pokemon Direct.


Pokemon Sword and Shield players can look forward to utilizing Pokemon Home earlier than we may have previously thought. 

Ever since Pokemon Go first debuted four years ago, arranging your Pokemon has been a difficult endeavor. The Pokemon Company wants to make it much simpler with Pokemon Home, which is set to launch next month in February. 

The cloud service is meant to act as a single repository for your various Pokemon to live, which is meant to make things simpler, but also may be a bit more confusing. It's a cross-platform banking system that will release with apps for Switch, iOS, and Android devices. It will allow you to deposit Pokemon from games like Pokemon Go, Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, Sword and Shield, and additional games in the future.

A brief look at how Pokemon Home will work. 

While you can deposit from all of these games, withdrawals may only be made with Pokemon Sword and Shield for the time being. This could change as additional Pokemon titles come down the pipeline, but for now that's the way it has to be. So if you plan on doing some trading around with the current Pokemon ecosystem, keep all of that in mind.

Pokemon Home will be a paid service as well, but Nintendo has yet to confirm how much it will cost each month, or if there will be a yearly option instead. The only concrete details as of yet are that it exists, and you can look forward to being able to access it next month. During the Pokemon Direct, it was announced that additional details will be released ahead of its official debut.

If you're still working on building up that Galarian Pokedex, you might want to mark your calendar for when you can start doing some serious manipulation of your 'mons in their happy little digital home.

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