Watch the Oculus Connect 6 Day Two Carmack keynote live stream here

Tune into the second day of Oculus Connect 6 for even more announcements, trailers, and info.


With Day One behind us, it’s time to make ready for Oculus Connect 6 Day Two. This time around we’ll have another great keynote to look forward to, and this article will outline everything you need to know to watch the Oculus Connect 6 Day Two keynote live stream right here. Let’s dive in!

Watch the Oculus Connect 6 Day Two keynote live stream here

Set to run the same times as yesterday’s keynote, the Oculus Connect 6 Day Two live stream will take place between 10 AM PT and 12 PM PT. Like yesterday’s live stream, Day Two will begin with more information about what Oculus is working on, and possibly new announcements for games, experiences, and more.

Oculus Quest
Yesterday's Keynote showed off tons of Oculus news about the Quest and more.

To tune into the Oculus Connect 6 Day Two keynote, you’re going to need to make your way over to the Oculus Connect website. Here you can sign up to watch the keynote, at which point Oculus will email you a link when it’s live. The only place that Oculus likes to hold their live stream is Facebook, so you’ll also need to ensure you have a Facebook account if you plan on attending the show virtually. We'll update this article with a link to the live stream when it's up.

If you’re wanting to watch the presentation from the world of virtual reality—because that’s the real meta, right—then you can download the Oculus Venues application on your Oculus Quest or Oculus Go and then subscribe to the keynote for access. It’s unclear exactly what we’ll see shown off during today’s keynote, but you can check out our Oculus Connect 6 overview to see some of the demos and panels currently scheduled to take place on the show floor.

Finally, after it’s all said and done, Oculus usually uploads the content to YouTube and posts them up on Facebook, making it easy for anyone to tune in and check it out after the fact. Missed yesterday's event? Here' the video from the Day One keynote.

Now that you know where to watch the Oculus Connect 6 Day Two keynote live stream, be sure to keep up with the latest news from today’s keynote by heading over to our Oculus Connect 6 hub.

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