WB Games Montreal teases possible new Batman game on Batman Day [Update]

The studio's first tweet since 2015 could hold teases for a new Batman Game.


WB Games Montreal, the studio behind Arkham Origins tweeted for the first time since 2015 during yesterday’s celebration of Batman Day. The tweet contains a video of the bat signal on the side of a tall building and as it continues, a series of four images flash across the screen, teasing something. 

As we stated before, this is the first time that the studio has tweeted on this account since July of 2015, which has led many to speculate we could finally hear something about a new Batman game very soon. Being the gaming community, many have already taken to the tweet’s replies to discuss the images.

In fact, Twitter user @NYCWallSpider shared a series of four images that he managed to capture from the video. You can see his tweet below.

But what exactly do these images mean? Many fans of the Arkham series believe that we could finally be seeing more about a future Batman game, one that we’ve been speculating about for several years now. In fact, some users, like @bionaldoss have even tried to compare the images to others showcasing the Court of Owls, a popular criminal organization that has appeared in the Batman comics universe for several years now.

Batman Tease from WB Games Montreal
Could these symbols be a tease for an upcoming Batman game?

Others believe the images to be tied to Ra’s al Ghul, which many Batman fans will recognize as the Demon’s Head, and one of the primary villains in the Christopher Nolan Batman universe. What the teaser really means, though, is unknown. We do know that Sony has a State of Play scheduled to arrive later this week, though, which means we could potentially hear more about an upcoming Batman game during that event.

We will continue to keep an eye on WB Games to see how this develops. Are you excited about the potential of a new Batman game? Let us know what you hope it is in the comments below and be sure to head over to our news hub for more of today’s hottest stories.

Update: Moments before this post went live, WB Games Montreal released another teaser, further adding fuel to the rumors.

What could this be leading to? Stay tuned as we continue to monitor this story.

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