How to farm Eridium quickly in Borderlands 3

Learn how to farm Eridium quickly so that you can afford all of the special skins and weapons.


Eridium is a premium currency introduced to the Borderlands world in Borderlands 2. In Borderlands 3 the purple crystal acts as a currency for special items including some skins, weapons, Echo skins, and even other types of gear. If you want to farm Eridium, though, you’re going to need to progress through the game a good little bit first. Here’s what you’ll want to know.

Because we’ll be discussing an event that takes place later in the game, we did want to throw up a quick spoiler warning. If you don’t want to spoil things, then come back here once you’ve completed the first Vault encounter in Borderlands 3.

How to farm Eridium quickly in Borderlands 3

The key to farming Eridium comes after you complete the first Vault. After defeating the massive Vault Guardian, head inside the Vault and grab the artifact from the pedestal. This artifact will allow you to break through Eridium Crystals that you can find all around the different worlds. You’ve probably already seen a good few of these crystals as you’ve explored Pandora and Promethea, and if you’re like us, then you’ve probably already wondered how to break them open.

Once you have the artifact, the best way to farm for Eridium is to make your way out into the world and look around for these crystals. You can often find them all over the place, especially on planets like Pandora. If you approach them, a prompt will appear telling you to press the melee button. Doing this will cause the crystal to break open, spitting out Eridium everywhere.

Borderlands 3 - how to farm Eridium Crystals
You can find Eridium Crystals all around the different planets you visit in Borderlands 3.

Other ways to farm for Eridium include completing challenges in the map tab. These can often reward you with small amounts of Eridium and defeating Anointed enemies can do the same. Thankfully, you can often head back through areas you have already explored to find more powerful enemies have respawned, which makes it easy to farm for money and Eridium.

How to farm 1000 Eridium an hour on Normal mode

Now that you know the basics of farming Eridium, let's talk about one of the best farming spots we've found so far. Sometimes you may find Eridium Crystals in bundles. One such location has multiple Eridium Crystals and a red chest while being very close to a checkpoint. To find this spot, you must have progressed beyond the mission Blood Drive on Pandora. Fast travel to Carnivora, where you'll be transported to the top of the shell that once held Carnivora in place. Once you make it down to the sand, there will be a checkpoint and a Catch-A-Ride spawner. Spawn a vehicle and make a left turn off the platform and drive past the front of the disabled Carnivora.

Just beyond the Carnivora husk, you will see a large, dilapidated structure with a white sheet affixed to it. The sheet will have "Eridium Pledge Drive" spraypainted on it in black letters. Park your vehicle on the north side of this structure and you will see a partially open roll-up door next to some old rail. Slide under this partially-open door to get access to multiple Eridium Crystals and a red chest. The chest often provides purple items and cosmetics. Once you collect the Eridium (usually ~20 pieces), exit the game to the main menu and then choose to continue. This will load you up at the checkpoint on the sand near the Catch-A-Ride spawner. Spawn a vehicle and proceed to farm the location until you have enough Eridium to get the cosmetics or weapons you desire.

These are just the ways that we’ve managed to farm for Eridium. Know of another way? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to add it. You can also return to our Borderlands 3 guide and FAQ for more helpful information and articles.

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