Which character should you choose first in Borderlands 3?

Trying to decide which character you should play in Borderlands 3? Let us help.


With tens of hours of gameplay to devour and enjoy, finding the perfect character to play can be a tough bit. But, if you’re really struggling to decide between Borderlands 3’s four protagonists, then we can help. In this guide, we’ll talk a bit more about each character that’s available and help you decide which character you should choose to play as first.

Which character should you choose first in Borderlands 3?

Like most Borderlands games, Borderlands 3 will give players a chance to play as one of four main characters throughout their time exploring the universe and opening up vaults. The latest generation of Vault Hunters are nothing to scoff at and choosing your favorite right from the start of the game is going to be tough. Will you give in to Amara’s brawling Siren powers or take command of the beasts of the universe with FL4K’s Beastmaster skills? Will you tear through enemy strongholds using the power of Moze’s bipedal tank, the Iron Bear, or use Zane’s Operative skills to bring down the Calypso Twins from behind enemy lines?

Borderlands 3 - All 4 Vault Hunters
Deciding which character to play as will be key to your entire Borderlands 3 experience.

Honestly, there’s no wrong character to play when it comes to Borderlands 3’s four Vault Hunters. While each class has unique skills, they all offer a unique playstyle that fits right in with the raucous nature of the Borderlands universe. If you’re someone who likes to be right up in people’s faces, blowing them away with close-quarter weapons then characters like Moze and Amara are going to be perfect fits for you. Not only do their Action Skills make sense for those who like to play aggressive, but their passive abilities also help to accentuate a more in-your-face playstyle no matter how difficult the fight becomes.

If you prefer to be able to sit back and enjoy the comfort of a rock as you take down enemies from behind then both FL4K and Zhane will be great choices for you. Zhane’s Operative skills grant him some unique bonuses for taking out enemies using his cloning ability or even his companion drone. FL4K’s ability to spawn and command beasts of the universe also sets him up perfectly to deal with enemies both afar and up close, making him an all-around class that many will enjoy as they dive deeper into the story of the Calypso Twins and their hunt to become Gods.

Finding the best character really comes down to whichever character stands out to you the most when it comes to abilities and overall character. You’re going to be hearing a lot from your player character, so choosing one that you enjoy and like will be vital to getting the most out of some of the hit one-liners that are often used after big fights. To learn more about each character’s available skills, you can head over to the official Borderlands 3 website.

Now that you know how to choose the best character to play first in Borderlands 3, you can head back over to our Borderlands 3 guide and walkthrough for even more help with Gearbox Software’s latest adventure.

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