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Will Dragon Quest Builders 2 come to Xbox One?

Find out if the blocky world of Dragon Quest Builders 2 will come to Xbox One.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 continues the blending of a blocky sandbox world with the legends and lore of the Dragon Quest series when it releases this month. While many PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch owners are ready and waiting, some Xbox One owners are curious to know; Will Dragon Quest Builders be coming to Xbox One? Here’s what we know.

Will Dragon Quest Builders 2 release on Xbox One?

The short answer? No, most likely not. When the original Dragon Quest Builders release in 2016, it released as a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita title. However, last year the game made its debut on the Nintendo Switch, bringing the blocky world of Dragon Quest’s newest sandbox to the portability of Nintendo’s hit console. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Dragon Quest Builders 2 won’t release on Xbox One, does it?

Will Dragon Quest Builders 2 come to Xbox One?

Considering the franchise’s history of releasing on Sony and Nintendo consoles, the eventual move to Nintendo Switch made sense for the first game, and now we’ll see the second game launching on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch when it releases on July 12. Unfortunately, there do not appear to be any plans whatsoever to bring either of the two games in the series to the Xbox One, at least not at this time. Of course, these kinds of things are always subject to change, though I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath for this one anytime soon.

While Xbox One owners won’t be able to enjoy the blocky and energetic world of the Dragon Quest Builders series, there are plenty of great games available for Microsoft’s console. You can learn more about the available Xbox One games by heading over to the official Xbox Store in your browser. For more information on Dragon Quest Builders 2, make sure you check out our main game hub.

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