Peloponnesian League locations - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Locate and kill all Peloponnesian League cultists in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.


The Peloponnesian League of the Cult of Kosmos are a finicky bunch of cultists based on the fact that most of them are hidden away behind story progression. Whereas many cultists can be found and eliminated on the player’s terms, nothing but quest grinding will get you close to a few of the fools who populate this wing of the Cult of Kosmos. Below is the location of every cultists in the Peloponnesian League, and what must be done to unlock them.

Peloponnesian League locations - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Another cultist branch that kicks off at a higher level, the Peloponnesian League will challenge players as they traverse the world to find and kill each and every cultist in the list.

Skylax the Fair - Level 29

  • Unlocked By: Unknown
  • Location: Leader House, Dirfi Foothills, Euboea
  • Loot: Spartan War Hero Armor
Peloponnesian League cultists - Skylax location

There might be a clue for Skylax the Fair, but you don’t need it. I was just going about my business killing the leader of Euboea, and when I went to loot his body it turned out to be Skylax the Fair. He was level 29 for me, but you could likely kill him long before you get to that point with some creative bow skills.

Monger - Level 21

  • Unlocked By: Monger Down (Quest)
  • Location: Sacred Cave, Korinthia, Korinth
  • Loot: Spartan War Hero Helmet
Peloponnesian League cultists - Monger location

The Monger is identified, located, and eliminated during the Monger Down quest, but you get to choose where the killing takes place. I went for the Sacred Cave, personally, but it doesn’t matter. Simply progress through the main story until the Monger is dead.

Lagos the Archon - Level 38

  • Unlocked By: Judge, Jury, Executioner (Quest)
  • Location: Fort Samikon, Forest of Soron, Arkadia
  • Loot: Spartan War Hero Belt
Peloponnesian League cultists - Lagos location

Lagos the Archon is another Peloponnesian League cultist that is unlocked through the main story. There are two options for how to deal with him, and I opted to go the non-lethal route. Still results in him being eliminated from the cult, though, so your choice is purely down to preference.

Kallias - Level 35

  • Unlocked By: The Contender (Quest)
  • Location: Temple of Zeus, Valley of Olympia, Elis
  • Loot: Spartan War Hero Boots
Peloponnesian League cultists - Kallias location

Kallias is unlocked through main story progression and cannot be found until that point. You will learn his identity in The Contender before being thrown into a quest called The Long Game. I ignored the quest and killed this cultist with my bow from a bush a short distance away. Nobody seemed to mind.

Silanos of Paros - Level 27

  • Unlocked By: United Front (Quest)
  • Location: Between Naxos and Paros
  • Loot: Spartan War Hero Gauntlets
Peloponnesian League cultists - Silanos location

Silanos of Paros is unlocked through a story mission called United Front. It’s a main story mission so you can’t really miss it. This fight will take place in the form of naval combat, and there is no need to loot the body when you’re done — the gear will be added to your inventory automatically.

Pausanias - Level 39

  • Unlocked By: A Bloody Feast (Quest)
  • Location: Forest of Eurotas, Lakonia
  • Loot: Xiphos of Dionysos
Peloponnesian League cultists - Pausanias loation

The Sage of the Peloponnesian League is Pausanias. He is unlocked during A Bloody Feast, a main story quest that cannot be missed. Progress the story to that point, then use your eagle to locate the fleeing cultist. Expect to find him in the Forest of Eurotas and heading for the coast. He will have two guards with him but it’s nothing special.

Now that you’ve located and eliminated the entire Peloponnesian League and acquired the Spartan War Hero set, browse our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey walkthrough and guide for more help with everything you’ll see and do in Ancient Greece.

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