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NHL Ones tips in NHL 19's World of Chel

Here are five tips to help you win while playing NHL Ones in NHL 19's World of Chel.


With NHL 19 came an entirely new take on video-game hockey called the World of Chel. Within this online hockey hub is a game mode called NHL Ones, EA Canada’s latest attempt to attract new players and give their old formula a shot in the arm.

NHL Ones sees three players compete in a 1v1v1 game where a winner is determined by the player with the most goals when time expires. However, this isn’t hockey like you’ve seen it before, and with this new mode comes new strategies and skills that are required to propel you to the top of the pyramid. Here are five tips that will help you win in NHL Ones.

Shoot the Puck

I don’t know what’s going on with the goaltenders in NHL Ones, but they are not on the top of their game. I’ve seen goals scored from almost every angle and distance. Sure, you can use the new RPM Tech to cut your way to the net and go for the deke, and skilled players will, but if you’re in need of a goal or just can’t get things going, shoot the puck. You’ll be shocked at how often you score when you had no business doing so.

The Big Hit

It’s tempting to go for the big hit, and sometimes you should, but players in NHL Ones are far too worried about big hits and it’s costing them games. Whenever the puck heads into the corners near the blueline, consider hanging back. Let your two opponents destroy each other in a tangled mess of bodies, then take the puck and head for the net unchallenged. If you’re the first one to the puck in the corner, consider the option of engaging in board play, or chipping the puck away from your foes.

Blocking Shots

Blocking shots is essential in NHL Ones for a few reasons. As I discussed, goaltenders are bad, so doing their job for them is a reality. The second use of the shot block maneuver, however, is in the corners near the blueline that I previously spoke of. Big hits will slow you down but performing a diving block will protect you from the hit, cause your opponents to trip over your body, and allow you to get up quickly. I’ve had plenty of players trip over my body and allow me a clear break for the net.

Bury the Rebounds

It’s not all about deking in and out of two players constantly. Sometimes it pays to let your opponent take a poor shot, so you can grab the rebound. One of the easiest ways to score in NHL Ones is to be in the right place at the right time, and that’s often near the front of the net. Not only can you block shots, but you can also clean up the garbage left around by other players. While your foes are hitting and falling all over the place, tuck that rebound behind the goaltender and take your lead.

Play Together

Something I’ve rarely seen done correctly is players working together in NHL Ones. The reason for working together is that if one player leads in goals when time expires, two players lose. If two players are tied for the most goals, all three players head to overtime. Let’s assume there are 30 seconds on the clock and the score is as follows:

  • Player A: 2 Goals
  • Player B: 1 Goal
  • Player C: 0 Goals

In the above scenario, Player C should be feeding the puck to Player B, assuming Player B isn’t being a silly fool and trying to decapitate them. If Player B can tie Player A with two goals, all three players get overtime. If time expires and the score is as above, Player A wins and the game is over.

  • Player A: 2 Goals
  • Player B: 2 Goals
  • Player C: 0 Goals

If time expires in the scenario above, all three players hit overtime, and the first player to reach three goals is the winner. That means Player A and Player B only need one goal to win, while Player C needs to score three goals in a row to win. It’s a hard hill to climb but needing to score three goals in a row is a lot better than losing in regulation because you didn’t want to pass the puck.

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