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Magic Leap Reveals What Lumin OS Will Look Like On Magic Leap One Devices

It's a pretty attractive operating system, actually. 


We're finally seeing a few more details on the upcoming Magic Leap One device trickling out, and that includes our first look at the company's Lumin OS, or the interface through which we'll be able to interact with the headset to start with. The latest images, which have been supplied via developer documentation, look much more like they're mock-ups rather than screenshots of what the device will feature while in use. It's not clear at this point what the case may be, but the icons and navigation looks pretty attractive.

The home screen features a radial-like menu with different icons representing each function that you can access while using the device. It looks similar to other setups, with some colorful flair. There's even a gallery app you can scroll through, and an avatar system that will allow you to create your own unique-looking avatar that wouldn't look out of place in a fun little indie game.

Some apps will be able to run together simultaneously and live in a box referred to as a "prism" that can take place in different instances in the same landscape of your play area. Others, like "immersive apps" will take up the entirety of the space you're currently utilizing. You won't apparently be able to use these in tandem with the prism apps.

There are a few looks at how text entry will work as well, where you can either use a smartphone app or simple drag your finger down a list of inputs and options to choose from. it looks quite intuitive, especially with how much there is to actually do with the Magic Leap and the tech it's powering.

But with all these looks at potential UIs and the tech that helps us get to where we're going while using the Magic Leap One, it's still tough to say how the device is actually going to function. We haven't really been privy to how well the product is going to perform or what all it's capable of in the past, so hopefully the company is a lot close rto actually showing us what it can do in the future. It's starting to feel a little like a sci-fi story, to be quite honest. 

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