EQ Suicide Hoax

As many of you guys recall, there was a story a few days ago about a female EverQuest player who was so into the game that when she had moderator access taken away from her by Verant that she actually committed suicide (In real life). Well all hell broke loose of course and Verant was even going as far as deleting all posts on messageboards about the topic. Here's the kicker though, according to an investigation conducted by AVault, this was all a hoax! Doh! Here's a taste:

working with representatives of KanOkla, the Internet service provider which had provided modem service for the person identified as “Leza,” has established that the person, who claimed she was living in Colorado, was actually dialing in from northern Oklahoma.

From The Chatty
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    November 18, 2000 6:38 AM

    Good. I was hoping it wasn't real.

    More PR!!!! YEAH!!!

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      November 18, 2000 6:39 AM

      err... that shoulda been PRESS, not P(ublic)R(elations). my bad